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Here at the Kodokwai, we try to encourage everyone who attends the club to use all the facilities.  We have all worked hard to create an enviroment where we work and train hard whilst having fun.

Facility 1. Mat Area


Obviously, being a judo club, the mat area is the most important place in the club.  We have a perminant sprung, 12m square mat area, suitable for  training and competitions alike. 


We have crash mats if your feeling a bit delicate.

Facility 2. Gym


Whether you are one of our competition playing judoka trying to make weight, or a parent who is fancies a bit of training while the kids are training, we have a fitness room next to the mat area.


There is a gym equipment consisting of both free weights and machines suitable for all levels.  We also have a few cardio machines if you fancy upping the heart rate a bit.



Facility 3. Kitchen / Seating Area


Up on the mezzanine, we have kitchen facilities and a seating area .  You can help youself to a variety of soft and hot drinks or some chocolate to boost your energy levels.  Once you've helped yourself don't forget to put your dosh in the box.

Additional Activities.


The Kodokwai prides itself on Judo excellence, but dont forget we have other options as well.  We currently have Trish James with her Yoga class on a Thursday evening.  Trish is a world renowned Yoga instructor who teaches seminars all over the world, there is no one better to teach you this art.

We also have Scott Ramsay with his Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  Scott a black belt, runs classes for all ages during the week.


Don't forget anyone is welcome.

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